Social Media Definition [Clearly Defined With Examples]

Social Media Definition With Examples

Social Media is now one of the most common words in our daily life. You know various social media platforms have become an important part of our life. But did you ever think about what is social media? Will you really can tell someone about social media definition clearly? Well, maybe you got confused! It’s okay to be confused when it comes to talk about the definition of social media. Because this topic really didn’t come to our mind. We just become used to with social media. But didn’t feel the necessity to define it. So, here I am going to write a post on the social media definition with examples. Which will help you to know social media more deeply.

What is Social Media?

If you search on Google for the definition of social media. Then, you will find, each website has defined it with their own word. I will do the same, but a little bit later. At first, let’s check out what others defining the term ‘Social Media’.

Social Media Definition

Social studies are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation or sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. — Wikipedia

Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking. — Lexico

Social media employ mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms via which individuals and communities share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generated content. — Kietzmann, Jan H.; Kristopher Hermkens (2011)

So, you have got a basic idea of social media? Right? Now it’s my turn. According to my word, Social media refers to any technology based platform where users connect with each other through their shared contents. Although it is more that that! Actually, this definition can give you a concept about social media. But we can’t bind it with a definition. There are a lot of social media in the online world. Each of them is different in nature. They offer different features. But the common feature among them is that they help to connect & engage their users.

Examples of Social Media

Social Media Examples

Example is the best way to understand any concept clearly. Let’s check out some examples which will help you to connect with the definition we have mentioned.

Facebook – an ideal example of social media

You know, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. So, it can be an ideal example of social media. Social Media is just an online platform which made by Mark Zuckerberg. It offers a lot of features like as chat, news feed, profile, posting content, notification, live stream & so on. It’s 2.4 billion is using those features on Facebook. They post their feelings, check out others updates, chat with friends & connect with each others. So, Facebook is just playing a role here as a web based medium. But the main activities done by its users. Without their users, Facebook features are valueless.

YouTube – video sharing platform can be a social media platform!

Let’s consider the example of YouTube. Most of us don’t consider it as a Social Media. But actually it is also a social media platform. I will proof it through our definition. As we know, social media is just a web based platform where users connect with each other though contents. And keep in mind that, the content refers to user-generated content. It is the basic feature of social media. YouTube is a video sharing platform where users upload videos & other users watch those videos. That means, here videos are user generated & users engage with one another through those videos. Users also engage themselves through like, comment & share on YouTube. So, now can you considering YouTube as a social media platform?

Social Media vs Non Social Media

I hope you have now a clear concept about social media. Let’s get some more clear concept with different examples! Can you tell me that Netflix is a social media or not? If you are thinking Netflix is a social media platform. You are absolutely wrong! Do you know why? Let’s compare this platform with the similar type of platform YouTube. As you already know, YouTube is a social media platform because of its user generated contents. But in considering Netflix, their team only upload video contents & we just enjoy them. This is not an open platform where we can’t share our videos. And this is the key point to differentiate it from YouTube. So, Netflix isn’t a social media platform. Users don’t able to connect with each other on this platform.

Messaging App, is also a type of social media!

One more example of social media platform! There are many messaging apps like WhatsApp, Imo, Viber etc. We also call them as Social Media. Because those apps provide us a common platform to connect with others through messaging. That means, any technological / web based platform will be considered as social media if they help them to connect users.

Some Popular Social Media Platforms

There are thousands of different types social media platforms. Some of them are global & some are regional. Here are some leading social networks, which are popular globally.


Final Words

This was our first blog post on this website. Virtual Vubon actually talks about social media. So, we have tried to explain the social media concept with examples in our first blog post. Hopefully, you have grew a clear concept about social media. In a word, social media refers to any digital platform where exists a virtual community & they are engaged with each other. In later posts, we will talk about different topics of social media.



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