15+ Surprising Facebook Facts You Don’t Know in 2020

facebook facts 2020

Facebook is the largest online community. Obviously, it is also the most popular social media on the web. Billion of people use this platform every day. Because of its excessive use, Facebook becomes a part of our life. As it is a large community. So, there are so many interesting & surprising facts about Facebook.

According to the latest statistics, Facebook has more than 2.41 billion users globally. And it is growing more day by day. Do you know, how many new Facebook profiles have been created within last 1 minute? I’m sure most of you guys don’t know this number! There are so many interesting facts about Facebook like that. Today I’m sharing that kind of 15+ surprising facts about Facebook that you don’t know in 2020! So, let’s know the known Facebook more deeply.

15+ Facebook Facts 2020 [Surprising & Interesting]

I have tried to gather some Facebook facts from online which will make you surprised most. I found a nice Infographic on VizionOnline about interesting facts on Facebook. Now I will describe those facts.

  • On an average, 5 new profiles are created every second. According to this statistic, in every single minute on Facebook, 300 profiles are created.
  • More than 2.41 billion people use¬†Facebook actively every month.
  • Age of 30% Facebook users is between 25-34.
  • According to Facebook report, they get high traffic between 1 PM and 3 PM. That means, within this time, people uses Facebook most.
  • 76% of women are users of Facebook. On the other hand, the percentage of Men is 66%.
  • On 4th February 2004, Facebook was initially founded by Mark Zuckerberg.
  • A platform named ‘Facemash’ is considered as the predecessor of Facebook. That was a site like “Hot or Not”.
  • On an average, the number of friends on Facebook is 338. 28% of them are only real life friends.
  • There are almost 83 million profiles are fake on Facebook!
  • Every day 300 million Images are uploaded on Facebook
  • Almost 4000 employees work at Facebook.
  • 1.74 billion monthly active Facebook users use it from mobile.
  • 94% of advertising income of Facebook comes from mobile users.
  • 26.3% of the total online world are using Facebook regularly.
  • 50% of teenager users check out the Facebook after waking up every day.
  • 307 million Facebook users are from Europe.
  • Facebook generates 4 million gigabyte data every day.


There are so many interesting facts exists about Facebook. Here is one of them & already mentioned that these facts collected from vizioonline.co.uk. So, all credit goes to them. Share this post on Facebook to let them others to know those amazing facts about Facebook.


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